Monday, May 01, 2006

Review of the NFL Draft '06 by MCS

See our analysis of the NFL draft ... it is hard to say who were the winners and losers. Instead we evaluated it based on which teams we think had the Best Answers and which have the Biggest Questions Marks.

We will have a follow-up story with Master Coach John Cooper with his thoughts on the draft on the site.

Check out ---'s NFL Experts the undrafted players list. This is a nice site for all your NFL Draft info and content.

Some other items of note....
FSU had four players drafted in the top 19 picks of the draft and they lost 5 games last year. NC State had three players (all defensive linemen) drafted in the first round of the draft and they could not beat Wake Forest last year. Hard to believe!

VA Tech had nine players drafted and Marcus Vick was not one of them. No way that would have been thought possible to start the season.

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